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Paul G. Allen

1953 - 2018

The Dragonrider

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Paul Allen - Idea Man
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The creator of this site is one of the guys who attended college with Paul at Washington State University back in the early 1970s. Even though Paul would go on to greatness and fame he never let it change his personality or his attitude toward other people. He would remain friends with people from all phases of his life, help reestablish and rebuild the Alpha Delta chapter of Phi Kappa Theta to which he had been a member at WSU, and throughout his life would never require that someone be rich or famous to be counted as a friend.

The site is one I have owned since the mid-1990s originally used for a specific motorcycle released in 1996. At first, I didn’t think of the dragonriders domain as the right choice for this tribute to Paul.  I was going to select one from several other domains I own.  But because of memories of Paul during our college years and the man he would become in the decades that followed, the dragonriders domain seemed completely fitting.  In addition to Paul's interests in science, economics, and the arts was his fondness for select books of science fiction. Remembering back to those days I recalled the many stories of dragons in our culture. From the genres of science fiction and fantasy there were books like 'The Dragonriders of Pern'.  And from the many stories of myth from human history there were tales that dealt with some version of the knight in shining armor who would slay the dragon.  It struck me that there were two distinct types of heroes from these tales.  There were the dragon slayers and then there were the dragon riders!  


There were contemporaries of Paul's who had the reputation of being dragon slayers. People who built their fortunes and success on seeing an obstacle to their goal and attacking it ferociously. The obstacle was their dragon and the people that worked with them and for them were their soldiers.  The goal, in their view, could only be achieved by slaying the dragon and as the knight responsible they expected everyone involved to follow their lead without question.

But for Paul, the obstacles he encountered weren't monsters to be destroyed.  They were problems to be understood and solved. And the people who worked with him and for him weren’t soldiers but allies who brought their own valuable skills and insights. Knowledge is the source of true success. He saw that the knowledge that could be gained from fully understanding the problem could be as valuable as removing the obstacle.  Paul didn't seek to slay the dragon, he always sought to ride it!

Special Note:  This site is under development and is intended to be in its 'final' form by January 31, 2019.  It will remain active throughout 2019 & 2020 and will give brief descriptions of Paul's accomplishments as well as links to additional information about his endeavors including ongoing scientific and charitable projects.  Once the site has posted as 'active', Special Notes such as this one will be deleted.  The site will be updated as needed after that to keep links current and to add any additional information as appropriate.